Dirty Dancing Secret Cinema Ashtead Surrey

The things that people actively do in their community, can make a community, and this is the sentiment behind our events.


There is always so much talent and creativity sometimes hidden behind doors and often, just on your doorstep. A charitable cause can be the catalyst to encourage people to join in and ultimately bring people together.


Events like our pop up secret cinemas are the perfect vehicle for a community event because they rely on the talents of individuals to come together as a team. From behind the scenes, set designers, cast and crew to ticket sales and promotion; there really is a job for every skill set.  We bring people together and give you the tools to help create a little bit of magic in your own town. We can come and manage the process and bring some expert advice on how to create the best possible community night. 

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‘Hannah Underwood and her amazing team - what creativity you have to pull off such an event.  It was incredible and such a bonding thing for our community.  There should be far more dancing in the aisles I think!  It must have been such hard work and we are so grateful you do these great things.’

Sarah Hodgson

Back  to  the  Future

‘Last night was so much fun! You and the team did such an amazing job, the dancers, actors, costumes, props, activities- it was all fantastic! Thank you.’

Lucy Higgs


Private Parties

If you are looking for something extra special for a birthday or celebration we can create your very own pop up cinematic event with live action, magical themed set and private cinema. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to star in your very own verse of ‘Grease’ with your gang of ‘Pink Ladies’. We have all the tools to create your very own ‘Rydell High School’ plus much, much more.

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Dirty  Dancing

Photography by Andy Carter

 *LAMDA  AT: The Greville Primary School * Therfield Secondary School* The Ashcombe  Secondary School* West Ashtead Primary school *