Why Don't You Merchandise

DramaLemurs: Thursday Drama Club 4:30 - 5:15


For our exceptional and lovable lemurs choose our funky personalised t-shirts in either purple or winter emerald.

For details of sizes please visit:

Super practical and cosy Hoodies in Jade and Purple

Spare me the drama and check out our fantastic new t-shirts and hoodies.

each class has its own personalised T-shirt and hoodie available in either purple or jade green. check out sizing charts here and then order direct with Hannah.

Dramallamas: Thursday Drama Club 5:15-6:15

Four our oscar worthy llamas choose our funky personalised t-shirts in either purple of winter green for details of sizes:

kids sizes:

and adult sizes:


Super cosy and practical hoodies in Jade and Purple:

and Adult sizes:

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