Drama  Classes

Footloos Drama Production Ashtead Surrey Cat in the Hat

'Thank you so much for giving your time to empower our girls. Thank you for providing a safe place where they can discover who they are. Thank you for your hard work with them and your persistence with them. They are very lucky girls.’

Marina Carosio

Footloose  Drama  Classes:


I am delighted to be working with Lisa Haynes who is The Principal of Footloose Dance www.footloose-dancing.co.uk to offer drama classes alongside her dance classes. Lisa is passionate about making dancing fun and exciting, where kids learn a variety of styles from modern to tap and street dance. Children can choose to do stand alone drama classes or can stay and take a dance class.


My classes are split by age range and spaces are limited to allow one to one attention.


Past  productions  include:

The Wonderful World of Roald Dahl – Devised by Footloose Drama Club



Into Narnia – Adapted from Lewis Caroll's Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe



Pitch Perfect – Adapted from the Film



Mean Girls – Adapted from the Film



A Murder is Announced – Agatha Christie



Written in The Stars – Devised by Footloose Drama Club



I have three drama classes every Thursday at St Georges Church in Ashtead.


Drama  Class  Group  One
5 - 8yrs

My classes are split by age range and spaces are limited to allow one to one attention. To begin, kids discover drama through play, exploring imaginary worlds and places. One day they may be a toy brought to life in a toyshop, the next a dolphin in an underwater sea adventure. As they grow in confidence we try out simple drama games to encourage team working moving on to stage skills, vocal and musical theatre. There are lots of opportunities to perform from small scenes in the classroom to large scale productions. Each child's development is important and I will look to see where I can help them individually to grow in confidence, nurture their talent and release their imaginations. 



Drama  Class  Group  Two
9 - 11yrs

This drama class is for all those interesting in acting from beginners through to more experienced performers. The group has a smaller capacity to allow for essential one to one attention including vocal and script work. We begin with drama games to build confidence and team building and to get imaginative minds to start playing. Improvisation is a key part of our training, as children create their own scenes and dramatic moments and often turn these into performances. In this class we also offer LAMDA training which prepares children to take the exam and achieve all stages of the medal process. This is a wonderful opportunity, equipping them with essential life skills and a great sense of achievement.



Drama  Class  Group  Three
11 - 15yrs

This is an exciting and intensive acting class covering all aspects of stagecraft from improvisation, script and vocal work. Young people are encouraged to find their specialist skills by experimenting with a range of acting styles and techniques. With drama games they learn to team build and through performance they learn confidence, belief and pride in what they can achieve.

 *LAMDA  AT: The Greville Primary School * Therfield Secondary School* The Ashcombe  Secondary School* West Ashtead Primary school *