Why Don’t You Ethos:


We feel passionately that the creative and performing arts bring huge benefits to kids in terms of well being and providing lifelong skills. Thinking creatively encourages kids to explore, open their minds and demonstrate problem solving skills. One of the first things kids do is play, draw and use their imaginations. Our clubs harness these natural behaviours and open new doors for kids to see where their creative minds will take them next. It’s been proven that art and drama strengthen focus and increases attention but most importantly they build self-esteem and motivation. Our clubs and classes focus on creating environments of trust and relationships, where kids feel part of a team and value the importance of teamwork. Being creative opens the heart and mind to possibilities and fuels the imagination. Our vision is to create spaces where kids achieve their own personal goals and dreams.

Hello,  I'm  Hannah!

I’ve been mad about performing and creating my whole life. At 8 I was writing my own shows and building set and costume and forcing my friends and family to take part or watch. I was very shy around people, but when I started acting I discovered I could be anyone on stage and simply lost all inhibitions. I continued to write plays for my peers at local holiday clubs, whilst performing in school plays and as a young adult chose a BA in Theatre Studies at DeMontford University that focused primarily on devised work.


Out in the big wide world, I joined ‘In Yer Face’ Physical and Mixed Media Theatre Company and toured with them for two years. After winning ‘The Stage’ scholarship at The Drama Academy I went on to broaden my theatre craft in the heart of Whitechapel, London.


I continued to work as a jobbing actor whilst writing and performing my own plays. After many years and many jobs in and out of acting whilst raising my own family, I was delighted to start offering acting classes to kids in my local area. These classes have grown into holiday clubs and Why Don’t You was born out of this. As someone who has always had a big imagination, I don’t like to put anything in boxes, and so Why Don’t You, doesn’t fit a mould. Its really about giving kids the tools to try something new and different to kickstart their own creative journey.


I am also very passionate about my community and finding creative talent to join forces and make beautiful things. Since 2015 I have been producing community projects which bring people together to make events that everyone can take part in, whilst raising money for some amazing charities.

Hannah Underwood Director Why Don't You Kids Club
 *LAMDA  AT: The Greville Primary School * Therfield Secondary School* The Ashcombe  Secondary School* West Ashtead Primary school *