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We feel passionately that the creative and performing arts bring huge benefits to kids in terms of well being and providing lifelong skills. Thinking creatively encourages kids to explore, open their minds and demonstrate problem solving skills. One of the first things kids do is play, draw and use their imaginations. Our clubs harness these natural behaviours and open new doors for kids to see where their creative minds will take them next. It’s been proven that art and drama strengthen focus and increases attention but most importantly they build self-esteem and motivation. Our clubs and classes focus on creating environments of trust and relationships, where kids feel part of a team and value the importance of teamwork. Being creative opens the heart and mind to possibilities and fuels the imagination. Our vision is to create spaces where kids achieve their own personal goals and dreams.

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I cannot thank you enough for the great work you do in your LAMDA classes and nor can I understate the benefits that our son has gained from attending the classes.  Through his work with you at LAMDA, his reading aloud has greatly improved. Using the techniques he has learned he has slowed his reading pace and improved his annunciation and intonation.  After years of trying to help him read aloud more slowly and with greater expression, now all it takes is a reminder to ‘use your LAMDA voice’. We have watched as he has gained confidence in public speaking, improved his ability to memorise things and increased his desire to try new activities.

My daughter has been going to Hannah's drama classes for about 3 years. She can now confidently get on stage to perform and this has been in valuable during a time when she has been seriously lacking in confidence. I believe the drama classes have been very entertaining and given her lifelong skills in terms of the ability to stand up and speak in front of others which she wouldn't otherwise have. I would highly recommend these classes.


I wasn’t sure how my daughter would manage these classes as she has some social communication difficulties, however she absolutely adores them!

They have been invaluable for her self confidence. Thank you so much.

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